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Posted on 26th February 2010 in Wild Edibles

Are you prepared to find your own food in the wild when the economy crashes and/or you cannot buy it at the store? This is something that I have been greatly concerned about–so I bought a book by highly respected author Linda Runyon. The book is called “The Essential Wild Food Survival Guide” (used to be called “From Crabgrass Muffins to Pine Needle Tea”) and my copy just arrived. Last night I read Part I, Environmental Lifestyle, in which Linda introduces the reader to how she came to adopt that way of life and how she acquired her wilderness skills, information on gathering wild plants, how to store them for later use. I am thoroughly enjoying Linda’s humourous downhome style. You can check out Linda’s website at: Of The Field.

Here is a brief excerpt that caught my attention because I live in a cold climate:

“Due to a series of events, I learned to respect the Adirondack winter. The first incident occurred when I opened my eyes after a night’s sleep. My head seemed stuck to the pillow–my hair had frozen to the frost on the cabin wall! Frosted walls are a feature of life in the far north. A layer of ice 1/4 inch thick covers the walls most of the winter, brought about by intense cold, uninsulated buildings and potbelly heat. My side of the bed was against the wall, and that morning I was literally stuck to the wallboards. Warm water might have solved the problem, but one doesn’t always think clearly in a panic! Instead, a haircut solved the problem.”

I think one of my preparedness tools will be a head covering of some kind to sleep in!

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Posted on 24th February 2010 in Health & Fitness

Are you prepared to help someone who has collapsed? Do you know how to apply CPR? I just watched a video showing how to do continuous chest compression CPR–without having to breathe in their mouth. Check out the 2 minute video at:

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Posted on 24th February 2010 in Health & Fitness, Hebrew Roots, Juice Plus

I am so excited to have found an awesome site I’d like to recommend to you so that your body can be prepared for the future. The reason why it is so exciting is that like-minded believers have put this site online and are developing a teaching program we can trust. Last evening I attended their webinar launching a new program and bought their best package. You have to know that I do not make such a purchase lightly because money is in tight supply around here. But at this price, and with these teachers, I have every confidence that the program will pay for itself many times over. By improving the health of each member of my family using biblical principles, we will be better able to handle whatever the future throws at us. The webinar was so popular that they are running it again today. I believe you can register for it here. It is exciting to see that these people are also Juice Plus distributors, as I am, because it confirms my belief that Juice Plus is a healthy product that really works! Check out my Juice Plus website for information and to order.

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Posted on 23rd February 2010 in Site Housekeeping

During my brief stint as a girl guide I learned an excellent motto: ALWAYS BE PREPARED. I have always tried to be prepared for anything I could anticipate coming in my near future–to make sure there were safety pins in my purse, that lessons were planned a week ahead of time, that the bank account never went into the red… I made sure I was prepared for eternity by accepting Jesus Christ as my Saviour and tried to prepare my children by teaching them from biblically based home school curricula. When I discovered the Hebraic roots of my faith I learned an incredible amount about prophecy and then that there were a lot more preparations to make. We are heading into the worst time the world has ever known. If we want to bring our families through it we need to learn how to be prepared in numerous new ways–like learning how to restore and maintain good health, garden, preserve food, identify wild edibles, live without electricity….the list goes on and on. In this blog, I hope to share what I have been doing and learning–but mostly, to learn from you how to be better prepared for this time in our lives. Please share!

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