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February 23, 2010


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During my brief stint as a girl guide I learned an excellent motto: ALWAYS BE PREPARED. I have always tried to be prepared for anything I could anticipate coming in my near future–to make sure there were safety pins in my purse, that lessons were planned a week ahead of time, that the bank account never went into the red… I made sure I was prepared for eternity by accepting Jesus Christ as my Saviour and tried to prepare my children by teaching them from biblically based home school curricula. When I discovered the Hebraic roots of my faith I learned an incredible amount about prophecy and then that there were a lot more preparations to make. We are heading into the worst time the world has ever known. If we want to bring our families through it we need to learn how to be prepared in numerous new ways–like learning how to restore and maintain good health, garden, preserve food, identify wild edibles, live without electricity….the list goes on and on. In this blog, I hope to share what I have been doing and learning–but mostly, to learn from you how to be better prepared for this time in our lives. Please share!

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