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March 1, 2010


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Whoohoooo! Today I stumbled upon an awesome new source of survival information! Well, who’s kidding who here? It might have been a “stumble” to me, but obviously YHWH led me to it! First a friend sent me an email by Tony Robinson announcing his new channel on YouTube, so of course I had to add it to my subscriptions.

For what it’s worth, I have a channel called Connie’s Solutions and my username there is ConnieSolutions; however, there are no videos to see yet. I thought that perhaps I might maybe eventually get around to making some videos to promote my homeschool products if I can ever find the time and can get my kids to help make videos with their camera equipment. If you care to visit the channel, though, you can quickly find videos by some of my favourite channel owners–such as Dehydrate2Store and Growing Your Greens. 

When I signed onto YouTube I “happened” to see some videos on bushcraft, so I decided to watch one or two just to see how good they were and figure out of these would be safe to recommend to you. One of the videos was called “Naked into the Bush…” so I thought, “Uh, oh. Better be really careful!” Turned out, ‘naked’ had to do with going out into the bush without equipment like knives and matches and food. Phew! I hope I never have to go out into the woods without any equipment, but whether I do or not these will be excellent skills to have in my survival arsenal.

In the second video I watched, David (with his wife Tam as cameraman) collected a straight stick, some dry wood and bark, and sharp stones with which to start a fire from scratch. He did not even use a knife–if the sharp stone did not do the trick, he found a better one! So I got to actually watch someone go through the process of making a fire without matches–all from the comfort of my own home. A picture is worth a thousand words, and a moving picture is worth many times more. Unfortunately, on this occasion the fire never started–but that’s life. Be prepared for failure on occasion! I will be looking for the video showing success!

Anyway, somewhere along the line the word “YHWH” caught my eye and I thought, “Aha! I struck gold! I knew ‘Tam’ sounded familiar!” So I watched a third video, this one on cattails because Linda Runyon’s book “The Essential Wild Food Survival Guide” refers to cattails quite a bit. In the video, David pulled up some cattails and showed their various parts and what can be done with them. More importantly, he actually ate some! It’s one thing to be told you can eat this or that, but to actually see someone do so helps to set your mind at ease.

Well, at this point I knew this was to be today’s entry in my preparedness-blog, so I went hunting for the website URL to give you. On the home page (YHWH’s Word of Faith) I found a link to the YouTube videos, among other things I have not checked out yet.  Perhaps that is today’s task…

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