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March 8, 2010


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How do you prepare for extended time in the outdoors on sunny days? Most people in our culture wear sunglasses, but today I learned from Paul Nison’s book “The Raw Life” why he does not, except when absolutely necessary such as when driving toward the sun. He quotes from Roe Gallo’s book “Perfect Body”:

“Sunglasses are particularly bad for you. The body is partially protected from the rays of the sun because of your body’s natural perception of the sun’s brightness when it is let in through a smaller opening. In the back of the pupil are melanin cells. When the sun’s rays contact, they release dark pigment throughout the entire body to protect the skin from sun damage. When you wear sunglasses, the darkness of the glass fools your eyes, interfering with your natural skin protection. Burning and skin cancer are the result.”

Wow. That’s good to know…

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