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June 29, 2010

Foraging with Wildman Steve Brill and Paul Nison

Filed under: Wild Edibles — Connie Lacelle @ 13:48

Would you be able to identify sheep sorrel? Believe it or not, when you hold a sheep sorrel leaf by the stem so that it droops downward it looks like a sheep’s head! A long face flanked by two ears!

How do I know this?  I just watched a 10 minute YouTube video filmed by Paul Nison of a wild edible foraging class led by Wildman Steve Brill. Sheep sorrel, wood sorrel, mulberry trees, and June berries were among the plants identified and tasted in this short clip. Wish I could have been there–because I am sure I have some of those plants and a whole lot more in my back yard! Wonder if anyone in Sudbury conducts wild edible foraging classes?

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