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September 13, 2010

Wild Food Foraging with Green Deane

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Paul Nison has come through for me again! Today he posted a 13.5 minute YouTube video of a wild edible foraging class led by Green Deane ( in Florida. Check out the 800 articles about plants on Deane’s website and the 119 videos on his YouTube channel! Very educational!

 I suppose this is perfectly obvious when you think about it, but I was struck by Deane’s statement that wild plants tend to be much more nutritionally valuable because they are stronger than cultivated plants by virtue of their having to constantly fight for survival (while we baby our cultivated plants). Truer words were probably never spoken because you can’t keep a good weed down! At least in my garden…

Among the interesting things Deane told Paul was that about 55-60% of wild edibles are found pretty much everwhere. That’s good to know! Now I just need to find out which ones they are…

Here’s a great tip: Deane says it’s best to team up with someone for foraging–even if neither of you know anything about foraging–because you are not likely to both make the same mistake at the same time.

Well, enough of me trying to summarize this for you. Go catch the video for yourself!

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