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September 28, 2010

Sourdough on the Go

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Just a short note today, to post a link to a website that could possibly be very helpful as we make preparations for the future. I haven’t checked it out yet but the e-course looks very promising if the introductory video on the home page is any indication. Do check out what’s available for learning how to make and use sourdough.

When the children of Israel left Egypt they were in such a hurry they couldn’t let their bread rise, so they ate unleavened bread for awhile. This got me thinking. I bet in those days people didn’t have yeast like we keep in our refrigerators with which to make delectable breads and buns. If they had, they could have just brought it along and used it whenever they had a chance to rest a bit (assuming they also brought along some grains). I bet they used sourdough! We may have to depend on sourdough recipes if we want raised goods to eat at some point in the future, so this is an opportunity to get experience with sourdough and to collect recipes.

Speaking of unleavened bread, there are three collections of unleavened recipes on my website that you may wish to check out. I have not tried most of them, but really like the few I have–especially the Cheese Straws! If you try any of these recipes and would like to comment on them (particularly if they can be improved) please do so. I will be happy to edit those documents to make the recipes better. Also, if you have different unleavened recipes that you would like to add to the website, I will be glad to make a fourth collection and have it online before Passover.

I had no idea you could make sourdough chocolate cake…must check that out…


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  1. Oh, my! I have just discovered a free e-book on sourdough and I am learning so much from it that I’m going to use up my existing sourdough today and start a new culture. I’ll make a new posting to share that link with you.

    Comment by — November 17, 2011 @ 13:18

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