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January 25, 2011

Hard Core Prepping

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How into preparedness are you?

If you are really into preparing for the worst case scenario, you will want to check out a new Yahoo group that I just found. It’s new to me, of course, but it’s also new to Yahoo. These people have obviously been around and prepping for awhile. You can tell by all the great info they have amassed and made available to group members.

This is a very busy group with lots of posts, so I highly recommend you subscribe to individual e-mails so that you can quickly scan subject lines and discover those you want to read and save, and simply delete the others. I made the mistake of subscribing to daily digests when I joined. Phew, that’s a lot of stuff to read and make decisions about! Individual e-mails will be easier to sort and forward. (Or, of course, you can just visit the site and collect the information without getting e-mails…)

Either way, please do check out Hard Core Preppers!

January 13, 2011

Wild Edibles Radio Show Links

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Whooohoooo, I just found a goldmine!

I finally made time to check out Linda Runyon’s new website and it is awesome! You can peruse the website and get a lot out of it, but if you register (free) you can get a whole lot more! So I did.

One of the things I found is a page of links to radio shows where Runyon is interviewed on a number of wild edible topics–things like: being prepared for emergencies, wild food recipes, lambsquarters and meadowsweet, essential wild foods, survival lessons for children, poisonous look-alikes, nettles, wild food to flour, how to organize becoming a wild food expert, how to eat your pine tree, rules & tools for collecting. I’m going to busy for awhile….

Here’s how you can find your way to this goldmine. Go to: 

  1. Of The Field and register for the forum
  2. Forager’s Forum
  3. Other Resources
  4. Radio shows
  5. Links to Linda’s Radio Shows
  6. Whatever show you want to listen to. The very first one was September 5, 2007 and as I write this the most current is January 3, 2011.

If you decide to register we can be buddies in the Of The Field Forager’s Forum. I am known there as “Connies Nic”.

Happy foraging…

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