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August 31, 2011

Don’t eat something if you don’t know what it is

Filed under: Wild Edibles — Connie Lacelle @ 13:07

If you like rap you might like Sergei Boutenko’s rap song about wild edibles:

Now there’s a great message! I wonder how often people take a chance on stuff like this?



Stalking Wild Greens: Dandelions

Filed under: Wild Edibles — Connie Lacelle @ 12:55

Did you know there are about 300 types of dandelions? And that there are no poisonous look-alikes? How do you tell them apart? Well, one thing is that if  the back of the main stem of the dandelion leaf is smooth rather than hairy or fuzzy, it’s probably a dandelion rather than one of its look-alikes. When I get around to stalking some of my own that will make me feel a whole lot better!

Check out more information about dandelions from Sergei Boutenko out Sergei Boutenko’s website.


Three Ways to Eat Dandelions

Filed under: Wild Edibles — Connie Lacelle @ 12:36

You’ve heard that dandelions are good to eat, but have you dared to do it yet? This 2 minute video from Boutenko Films might give you the courage you need:

Connie (who is still preserving stuff from the garden but wanted to give you something, ’cause it’s been 5 months!)

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