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November 18, 2011

Discovering Sourdough

Filed under: Sourdough — Connie Lacelle @ 16:07

I have discovered a gold mine and want to share it with you! Baking with sourdough will likely be an important skill to have when the economy falls apart and you cannot buy yeast at the store. My experiments with sourdough over the past several months have been largely focussed on simple items like bread, pancakes and English muffins that can be prepared quickly and easily–because I assume that’s all we’ll have time for in a survival situation.  Indeed, that’s all I’ve really had time for this year while gardening and preserving my harvest. I did not realize sourdough can be used for a much greater repertoire of items; nor did I realize there were so many “little” skills to have in order to have a truly successful sourdough.

Enter my discovery. While surfing the ‘net on another mission I happened upon a free e-book that explains everything a newbie like me and an experienced baker could possibly need to know about working with sourdough. Of course, there are lots of recipes. I’ve already learned enough from the first third of the book’s part 1 that I used up the last of my existing sourdough in pancakes yesterday and am going to create a fresh starter after the weekend. I’m so excited!

If you are ready for a sourdough upgrade, check out Discovering Sourdough by Teresa L. Hosier Greenway, who has generously put this extensive e-book online for free download at her Northwest Sourdough website. There is also a hydration converter. Bonus!

Check it out, download the e-book, print it off, and let me know what you think when you finally come up for air!

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