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January 13, 2012

The Dollar

Filed under: Money & Finances — Connie Lacelle @ 12:18

Just read Cam Mather’s latest post “The Ponzi Scheme that is the Dollar” and thought “if anything is about preparedness, this one is.”  This is what I commented to him:  

I agree–get your hands in the dirt, people! When the house of cards falls there won’t be time for playing solitaire. Get the skills now for surviving then!

’nuff said. Gotta get back to work. Just wanted to point you to some thought provoking material once again.


January 6, 2012

Time to Stuff the Nuclear Genie Back in to the Bottle

Filed under: Environment — Connie Lacelle @ 14:01

Read an interesting post today that made me remember you and the fact that I haven’t yet shared a new blog I found recently. Cam Mather lives a few hours away from me in the province of Ontario and is into sustainable living, so I kind of consider him a neighbour. (We apparently disagree on some basic issues–but who doesn’t?)

Today’s article is about the nuclear mess the world has gotten itself into, and what they’re trying to do about it–as well as what Cam’s doing to avoid contributing to it. Check it out!


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