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April 13, 2012

Preparedness Pro Contest

Ack! I just went through all the articles to this point (1-76) to see how many times I’ve already voted and I’ve already shot my wad! Did so before I even wrote this article “Cause That’s What Preppers Do”! I should’ve prepped by not voting for anyone just-in-case! But people have been writing such great stuff, I couldn’t help myself!

Anyway, I can’t vote anymore so you are going to have to do it for me! The competition is stiff, folks. There’s somebody with 162 votes already! Another one has 102 votes! There are several in the 30 to 70 range, and many in the 10 to 29 range! So if you really would like me to win something great (and there are many things I’d really like to have–Big Berkey, Sun Oven, WonderMill, even the buckets or the Tattler Lids) you’re going to have to work at it! You can vote FIVE TIMES each, so please do. Others have gotten their families and friends on board and they’ve all voted five times each! If they can do it, you can do it. Helping each other is what preppers do! Many, many thanks to all of you.

April 12, 2012

‘Cause That’s What Preppers Do”

I’m attempting to win an awesome prize at PreparednessPro. If you’d like to help, please read the article entitled “Cause That’s What Preppers Do” that I just posted there and vote. Your comment is your vote. Many thanks!

After that, please look around the website. Kellene Bishop is the Preparedness Pro and she’s on a mission!

March 5, 2012

Blog Housekeeping Note

Filed under: Site Housekeeping — Connie Lacelle @ 17:38

For awhile I’ve been aware that the categories under which I sorted these blog posts were not useful, but I didn’t know what terms would be useful. Today I added one (Money & Finances) and discovered how easy it was to change the others–so I spent an hour doing so. So have a look around and let me know if there are better terms I could have used and more terms I should add.

Thanks so much!


100 Great Tips for Saving Money

Filed under: Money & Finances — Connie Lacelle @ 16:47

I just found a great website called “The Simple Dollar” and thought you might like it, too. Here’s a link to one article that I’m sure everyone will look at:

I think I’ll subscribe to Trent’s e-letter!

January 13, 2012

The Dollar

Filed under: Money & Finances — Connie Lacelle @ 12:18

Just read Cam Mather’s latest post “The Ponzi Scheme that is the Dollar” and thought “if anything is about preparedness, this one is.”  This is what I commented to him:  

I agree–get your hands in the dirt, people! When the house of cards falls there won’t be time for playing solitaire. Get the skills now for surviving then!

’nuff said. Gotta get back to work. Just wanted to point you to some thought provoking material once again.


January 6, 2012

Time to Stuff the Nuclear Genie Back in to the Bottle

Filed under: Environment — Connie Lacelle @ 14:01

Read an interesting post today that made me remember you and the fact that I haven’t yet shared a new blog I found recently. Cam Mather lives a few hours away from me in the province of Ontario and is into sustainable living, so I kind of consider him a neighbour. (We apparently disagree on some basic issues–but who doesn’t?)

Today’s article is about the nuclear mess the world has gotten itself into, and what they’re trying to do about it–as well as what Cam’s doing to avoid contributing to it. Check it out!


November 18, 2011

Discovering Sourdough

Filed under: Sourdough — Connie Lacelle @ 16:07

I have discovered a gold mine and want to share it with you! Baking with sourdough will likely be an important skill to have when the economy falls apart and you cannot buy yeast at the store. My experiments with sourdough over the past several months have been largely focussed on simple items like bread, pancakes and English muffins that can be prepared quickly and easily–because I assume that’s all we’ll have time for in a survival situation.  Indeed, that’s all I’ve really had time for this year while gardening and preserving my harvest. I did not realize sourdough can be used for a much greater repertoire of items; nor did I realize there were so many “little” skills to have in order to have a truly successful sourdough.

Enter my discovery. While surfing the ‘net on another mission I happened upon a free e-book that explains everything a newbie like me and an experienced baker could possibly need to know about working with sourdough. Of course, there are lots of recipes. I’ve already learned enough from the first third of the book’s part 1 that I used up the last of my existing sourdough in pancakes yesterday and am going to create a fresh starter after the weekend. I’m so excited!

If you are ready for a sourdough upgrade, check out Discovering Sourdough by Teresa L. Hosier Greenway, who has generously put this extensive e-book online for free download at her Northwest Sourdough website. There is also a hydration converter. Bonus!

Check it out, download the e-book, print it off, and let me know what you think when you finally come up for air!

October 29, 2011

Sergei Boutenko on Wild Edibles

Filed under: Wild Edibles — Connie Lacelle @ 19:24

I hope you enjoyed the last video I posted from Sergei’s YouTube channel. Well, here are four more that I have just received via Victoria Boutenko’s e-newsletter. Her son and daughter both produce short videos on health topics–especially on greens and green smoothies.  I’m very impressed with the Boutenko family (though, as always, I must give the disclaimer that I do not agree with everything they believe or teach)!

Check out the first video in this series taught by Sergei at:

 and then find parts 2, 3 and 4 in the column at the right side of the page.

Nostalgia alert. The videos open with a little bit of pop music that I remember from my teen years, and I cannot help but smile and bop my head. Hope you like it, too!


August 31, 2011

Don’t eat something if you don’t know what it is

Filed under: Wild Edibles — Connie Lacelle @ 13:07

If you like rap you might like Sergei Boutenko’s rap song about wild edibles:

Now there’s a great message! I wonder how often people take a chance on stuff like this?



Stalking Wild Greens: Dandelions

Filed under: Wild Edibles — Connie Lacelle @ 12:55

Did you know there are about 300 types of dandelions? And that there are no poisonous look-alikes? How do you tell them apart? Well, one thing is that if  the back of the main stem of the dandelion leaf is smooth rather than hairy or fuzzy, it’s probably a dandelion rather than one of its look-alikes. When I get around to stalking some of my own that will make me feel a whole lot better!

Check out more information about dandelions from Sergei Boutenko out Sergei Boutenko’s website.


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